About Microboards

The Origins of Microboards

David & Faye Wetherow created the “Microboard” concept in Canada.  You can access their materials and thoughts on Best Practices for supporting an individual with disabilities at  their Community Works website .

Supporting Your Microboard through Direct Control of
the Individual’s Government Funding

In addition to building natural supports by helping an individual with a disability recruit voluntary support, Microboard members can help those with disabilities gain direct control over the public services received, including hiring support staff, respite caregivers and other services directly.

This can be done in one of two ways:  1) Select the Consumer Directed Services (CDS) option if it is available within the program through which an individual receives support; 2) Have the Microboard qualify as a contracted provider with DADS for CLASS or HCS services if the individual is eligible for either of these Medicaid waiver programs.


When it comes to managing services, everyone has different needs. Individuals with disabilities who are supported through services provided by the Texas Department of Aging & Disabilities Services (DADS)/Health and Human Services Commission typically have the option of  hiring and managing their own service providers through the Consumer Directed Services (CDS) option, and a Microboard and its volunteers can assist in directing those services and helping to find and hire staff, for example.

For general information about available DADS services and how Texans with disabilities may access them visit the Health & Human Services Commission website here.

For information on Consumer Directed Services (CDS) visit the DADS website here.


Alternatively, if you receive supports through the Texas Department of Aging & Disabilities Services you/your family can use the Microboard corporation and contract directly for your services.  It can be a challenging process to become a contracted provider (count on about one year to accomplish this goal), but can be worthwhile for those who have the time, energy and desire to fully direct their own services.
Two programs, in particular, provide great opportunity:  HCS & CLASS
Home & Community Based Services (HCS) For those receiving HCS Medicaid waiver services, link to the Texas Department of Aging & Disabilities “How to Become A Provider” web page.
Community Living Assistance and Suport Services (CLASS) For those receiving CLASS Medicaid waiver services, DADS offers a similar “How To” Webpage.

Twogether Consulting, Ltd. is an HCS/ICF/TXHL consulting firm that provides hands-on training in how to startup and operate your Medicaid Waiver program, including program policies, billing, surveys and audits, and operations.  Julie Blacklock directs their on-site services, conferences, etc.