Building community supports

Selling T-Bags at Fall Festival
Twin Visions Corporation is a nonprofit organization working to support young adults with disabilities as they transition to independent lives in the community.   We support efforts to help them find jobs, participate in volunteer opportunities and enjoy typical recreational activities in the community where they live.

Cycling in the neighborhood.

Our microboard advisory group meets several times a year  to gather ideas and review best practices in our efforts to help the individuals we serve build toward the future. Twin Visions also strives to model best practices in using a small nonprofit and volunteer network to support one or more individuals with disabilities as they create their futures.

We are a contracted provider with the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services HCS Medicaid waiver program and receive reimbursement for some service that we provide from the Texas Health & Human Services Commission.
On the Job at Fish Place


The Future Is Now With an active life in my community,  I work five days a week, volunteer two days a week, enjoy swimming, cycling, bowling and evenings out with several friends.  I’m always looking to fill my calendar with fun activities!  

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Creating a Positive Life I really rely on structure and scheduling as well as a lot of positive support from family, staff and friends to build my life in the community.  When I finished high school last year, it was difficult to see how we would create that structure.  Almost a year later, I’m more …

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